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We aim to make this website accessible to all users, following standards and guidelines to ensure that this site can be used as easily as possible by everyone.

Change text size

You can make the text on our web pages bigger (or smaller). This might make it easier for you to read the screen.

You can also change the colours and typeface used.

To change the text size

On a Windows computer (Internet Explorer or Firefox):

  • On the Menu bar choose 'View' and then 'Text Size' or 'Text Zoom'.
  • Choose from Smallest to Largest text or Increase/Decrease.

On an Apple Mac:

  • On the menu bar choose 'Edit' then 'Preferences' then 'Web Browser' then Language/Fonts
  • Choose the text size you want.

To change the typeface and colours, or use your own stylesheet

Most browsers and screens can be adjustable to help with visibility by adjusting the size/format/colours of text graphics and background.

If you use Microsoft software you can get help on how to adjust settings. Use the function key F1 on the keyboard to activate the help facility.

Further help and advice from Microsoft can be found by going to the Microsoft web site at


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