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Private Housing Information Site Map

      New Page
  Information for Landlords
      Property Licensing Schemes
      HHSRS Training
      Rent with Confidence
      Fire Safety
          WoE Staff Pages
      Landlord Liaison Service
      Landlord Development Programme
      Other Resources for Landlords
      Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)
          Introduction to HMO licensing
              What is an HMO?
              HMO definition flowcharts
              What is an HMO Licence?
              Which HMOs need to be licenced?
              What happens if I am not licenced?
              Varying a licence
              Cancellation of a licence
              Obtaining a licence
          Regulations for all HMOs
          Licensing standards
          Who needs to apply?
              Fit & proper persons
          Temporary exemptions
          Licensing fees
          West of England authorities
              In which area is my HMO located?
              Powers of Entry
          Non compliance licence conditions?
          HMO Licensing Application forms
              Bath and North East Somerset HMO Licensing Application
              North Somerset HMO licensing application
              South Gloucestershire HMO licensing application
      Landlord Expo
      Looking for tenants?
          Bristol Tenant Finder
          Homefinder (BANES)
          SG Homes
          North Somerset Homefinder Scheme
  Information for Tenants
  Empty Properties
  Empty Land
  West of England Local Enterprise Partnership
  West of England staff pages
      Private Housing Group
          Minutes of past meetings
      HMO Licensing
      Private Rented Sector Group
          Minutes of previous meetings
      Empty Property Group
          Minutes of previous meetings
      HHSRS Group
          Minutes of previous meetings
          West of England HHSRS Working Group Worked Examples
          Consistency Exercises
      Landlord Liaison Group
          Minutes of previous meetings
      Renewal Group
          Minutes of previous meetings
      RPT Appeals Summary
          RPT Search
          Welsh RPT
          RPT Submit
  Other Agencies & Partners
  Housing Stock Condition Surveys
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